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Since 2005, October 29 has been ...

ICDSoft 2023/10/29 17:03:02
Since 2005, October 29 has been celebrated as National Internet Day. On that day in 1969, the first four computers on the ARPANET network were connected. ARPANET was one of the first networks to use the TCP/IP protocol, and it later evolved into what we know today as the Internet. Find out more about it in our blog post: https://www.icdsoft.com/blog/a-brief-history-of-hosting/

Today, Internet access is considered a basic human right in many countries. We are proud to be a part of the global online community, and our web hosting plans allow more than 50,000 people to be a part of it as well. If you want to launch a website as well, you can see our plans here: https://www.icdsoft.com/en/hosting/shared
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