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We may have not posted here ...

ICDSoft 2023/06/02 17:00:04
We may have not posted here in a while, but for all the good reasons - as usual, we've been working hard to enhance our services.

From introducing new useful tools in our WordPress Manager and adding PHP 8.2 to the list of PHP versions available on our servers, to giving free extra CPU power to all managed VPS plans and more RAM to our SmartVPS platform, we've done our best to bring our users an even better hosting experience at the same exceptional prices!

There's a lot more in store that we can't wait to show you, but as it's not quite ready just yet, we will keep it a secret for now. We'll only say that it may or may not have something to do with WordPress.

We also have a lot of great new blog posts at https://www.icdsoft.com/blog, and since we can't pick a favorite one, feel free to check any and all of them. We guarantee they've all been written by real people :)
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