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Dear Dogs, We know you can'...

ICDSoft 2018/12/21 12:36:58
Dear Dogs,

We know you can't read this letter, but we decided to write it in human language as to remind humans about the debt we have to you.

Our common history spans tens of thousands years back in time, when humans were struggling with the harsh life of hunting and gathering food. At that time, your ancestors were proud and independent rulers of the great wilderness. We were gifted with intellect, but intellect itself was not enough to keep us safe in the hostile environment. We needed your senses, so we lured your ancestors into domestication.

Since that time, dogs have been one of the greatest advantages for us humans. You’ve protected us from wild animals, helped us find food, guarded our homes, and entertained us and our kids. You risked your life for us. Many of you sacrificed their lives for us, protecting us from danger. Even with your help, our life stayed quite harsh for thousands of years, so we are pretty sure we would not have made it without you.

Unlike you, we humans often tend to forget those who helped us achieve things in our life. So today millions of you are left behind, homeless, and unwanted. A great man and a dog lover once said, "The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten." You have been the greatest defenders of our entire civilization, so by this logic, we forget ourselves if we forget you. We promise to help other humans open their eyes, minds, and hearts about this injustice.

A pack of thankful ICDSoft.com humans

Many people noticed that our new logo resembles not only stacked servers but also a dog house. Well, we did it on purpose - all members of our team love animals. Many of us take care of various pets at home, and we also regularly help on projects related to homeless animals.