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Initially, Australian blogger and developer Leah ...

ICDSoft 2019/10/11 11:48:49
Initially, Australian blogger and developer Leah Neukirchen couldn’t crack Ken Thompson’s password in the /etc/passwd file she found in an old Unix BSD-3 release. Fast forward 5 years and the password is revealed:

Check our blog https://www.icdsoft.com/blog/some-lessons-from-the-password-choices-of-ken-thompson/ to see what is the exact meaning of the password (hint: it is a chess move).

The fact that this password eluded the initial cracking efforts shows how important it is to choose a good and strong password.

October, 2019 is Cybersecurity Awareness month, so here are two tips on making your online presence more secure:
👉 Use passphrases instead of passwords. A passphrase like – “The birds ate all The seeds” is much more secure than “@#209ds4$”.
👉 Use a password manager and protect your online accounts with different passwords. Even those built in browsers are better than no password manager at all.

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